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school is hard

Hey everybody it looks like my last post never actually sent, so that's great. General updates: I've been single since New Years and I am a lonely lil lesbian though I do have cool friends, I have a second cat named Missy now, I drive for uberEats which is lucrative enough when I actually remember to leave my house, my classes require a ton of work which is exhausting to put in, I've converted three more people to Doctor Who watching through my now tried-and-true method of showing them Blink immediately followed by The Eleventh Hour, and I got a new hyperfixation a few weeks ago in the form of The Worst Witch (2017) and one Hecate Hardbroom and might??? actually??? get another fic written??????

That's a pretty good overview I think. I gave a class presentation on the Clexa debacle yesterday (for those of you who know what that is) and now I'm a bit emotionally exhausted having to dredge all that mess back up so I watched some soothing Xena to put me in a better mood. I've been fiddling around on my computer today doing some more of my defensive driving course (you don't come to a full and complete stop before turning right at an empty intersection in the middle of the night One Time Ugh) amongst other things. 

What all have you lovelies been up to?

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calm down, take a Deep Breath...

what even just happened? mind=blown. all the feels.
Capaldi is here. Clara is here. Vastra and Jenny and Strax are here. (and the amount of Vastra/Jenny fanfic fuel in this ep? ehrmahgersh.)
this was gonna be a full blown uber awesome review of the entire ep, but high school seniors need their sleepytimes and posts must be made before the moment passes, so I'ma just throw this out there now, and go back over it in my free time later on like in my non existent free time.

::I was so tired when I posted this, I meant to say something about the actual ep lolz::

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this episode makes me so happy.
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having hair like Alex Kingston's :)

I meant to put this up several days ago, just thought I'd share how my hair was looking somewhat River Song-esque at the time:
oh and yes, that is my Day of the Doctor poster in the background ;)
I'm planning on cosplaying River if/when I go to my first ever comic con in October. Karen Gillan's gonna be there! It's the Wizard World Austin Con :)
so yup just throwin that out there.
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on the subject of Soundtrack Covers

Thought I'd offer up this pic I put together of all the different official DW album covers, plus the one I made. If you haven't seen my other post about that, I'd love if you tried to guess which one  I made. course, if you're looking, you're probably a whovian, and if you're a whovian, it'll probably be obvious, but that's beside the point. here's another pretty picture.
smallofficial covers vert
so yay for lots and lots of cool DW pics! XD
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thanks to hyperfocusing, here- have a DW Series 1 Soundtrack Album Cover.

I just spent roughly six hours *make that seven* on something as a result of sitting down to check a playlist on Spotify. ::headdesk::
However, I am pleased with the result of this pointless endeavor, and I hope y'all will be too :)
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hugs to all of you lovelies :)
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! [my freakout told in DW gifs to make it better]

so, I'm finally getting into the groove of this writing regulary-thing, and just started posting fanfics. I go to add the who_contest prompts and deadlines to my calendar, and what do I discover?

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oh, and to top it all off, that moment when I'm searching for clever doctor who gifs and realize that Merlin was on the freaking train on Midnight:
mind=blown. also, facepalm.
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Moving Forward (1/?) - Free to Go

Title Free to Go
Story Moving Forward (1/?)
Author morganfm
Characters River Song, Other Character(s)
Rating All Ages
Disclaimer Just playing around in the BBC's sandbox. If you recognize it, it's unfortunately not mine.
Genre General, Missing Scene
Archived at AO3,, & Teaspoon
Summary The Warden of Stormcage Containment Facility has some news for his most troublesome prisoner. Conversation ensues with mugs of tea.
betaed by the forever fantastic starjargon (thanks love!)

*shhh shh shh* calm down morgan, you'll scare away all the nice people who want to read your fanfic.
*whispers* oops, sorry!
Anywho... hello! This is the first fanfic (chapter) I have ever completed in my entire life. *dances around joyfully* this is just one of the many random ideas that popped into my head during Camp NaNoWriMo, where I committed myself to getting my first fic off the ground by writing 10,000 words in a month. I've met my goal, though most of it is currently unpostable due to my plotbunnies being all over the place.
So, here is River Song, setting out. And here is myself, beginning the grand and complicated journey that is keeping up with a multi-chapter fanfic.
Oh, and I crave reviews more than I want to play the Doctor's companion. ;)

Well... maybe not quite that much, but close!

X  ><  X  ><  X  ><  X  ><  X  ><  X  ><  X  ><  X  ><  X  ><  X  ><  X
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*sitting on pins and needles to see what everyone thinks of her very first fanfic*
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*happy dancing*

GUESS WHAT YOU GUYS! Okay fine I'll tell you. I am so super duper happy right now I literally cannot contain my glee. Not only have I surpassed my Camp NaNoWriMo word count goal 4 days early by 3,504 words, I've also successfully completed my first ever one-shot fanfic! XD
*blows party horn and throws tons of confetti*
I started the story yesterday and got about 1000 words done, then sent it to my lovely betaing friend, starjargon, who writes many wonderful and amazing things. She sent it back with a few notes and words of encouragement, and today I sat down to do some tweaking. A few hours and several thousand words later, I'm finally done making it satisfy my muse and it's nearly 5000 words long. I'm so happy I could almost cry, you guys. Up until today every fic I've worked on has stalled in some sort of "in progress" phase as another plotbunny seized me and left it stranded, but no more! I have finally Completed A Fanfic! *does a few cartwheels of joy* I feel like I've passed some sort of massive milestone in my life as a fangirl. The feeling is just indescribable.
I'm so happy with this story and can't wait to share it with you guys. It's a "missing scene" type fic that surprisingly is not about Ten and Donna. It involves a conversation between River Song (yes I love her sorry but just deal with it) and an OC, which frankly surprises me because I've never been very comfortable writing original characters. It's full of jokes, sass, feels, and a dash of angst, and I couldn't be prouder of it. I'm bouncing in my chair waiting to get it back from my beta, and then after a final proofread I will at long long last Post An Original Fanfic.
*does the drunk giraffe* *and some other ridiculous dance moves*
I just wanted to share my overwhelming sense of accomplishment with y'all :)
feel free to return to your normal fic reading pastimes now ;)