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welcome to my mind

all the best people are crazy ...right?

It's been a long time (at least a year) since I've used LJ so I'm starting these informations over. The main difference between me then and now is I've apparently gotten a LOT gayer, so that's cool (for the summer) ;)
I'm currently a second semester college student at Texas A&M who one day wants to make tv shows for a living and in the mean time spends far too much time obsessing over fandom in general. tumblr may have eaten half of my brain, I'm not sure.
I've occasionally written fanfiction in the past though not nearly as much as I'd like to, but I do read an absurd amount of it and when I'm not paying for procrastinating on my assignments I'm always happy to beta.
As of mid March I started binge watching Xena and have been consumed by love for the show and all things Xena/Gabrielle, and may or may not be intending to orchestrate a major archival recovery effort of 90s Xena fandom on the internet for new generation Xenites like myself.
all of my main ships, fav characters, or shows that you should know about-
Xena: Warrior Princess, Xenabrialle; OUAT (is awful but I love-), Regina Mills, Swan Queen, Dragon Queen, Sea Devil, Red Beauty, Wicked Warrior; Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), cartinelli, carterwood; Warehouse 13, Bering & Wells, Claudia Donovan; Doctor Who, River Song (Alex Kingston) /every Doctor esp Eleven who is fav, Donna Noble (Catherine Tate), brotp tatennant (Much Ado About Nothing), Ten/Donna, Jenny/Vastra, Clara/Me[Ashildr], Missy (Michelle Gomez omg); Rizzoli & Isoles, rizzisles; The 100 (but without Lexa meh), clexa (and kru), Elyza Lex/Alicia Clark; Person of Interest, Root, Shaw, Shoot or Raw whatever you wanna call em; sense8; Jessica Jones, trishica; Orphan Black, cophine; Supergirl, supercat, astralex (aka what I insist on calling lexstra because it's cooler imo); Carmilla, /Wednesday Addams (rarepair I made up but totally think works); Wicked, gelphie; Hamilton (Lin Manuel Miranda); Carol, belivaird; Pitch Perfect 1 and 2, becommissar, bechloe (I went through a phase); sense8; Orange is the New Black; The Addams Family, Musical; Agents of Shield, skimmons, fitzsimmons, May/Coulson
on a lower key level-
Bones, Booth & Brennan; Castle, caskett; Royal Pains; Kim Possible, kigo; Harry Potter, Hermione; Eragon; Game of Thrones (I'm still on season 2 :/), Daenerys Targaryen
I'm sure there's plenty I can't remember right now I'll kick myself later for leaving out.
Basically I waste all my time on tumblr shipping gals with each other but I love talking to humans so lets be friends, yes?